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Eliot, Suzie, and Jeremy are in the kitchen, and Jeremy is making breakfast. There are large stacks of dirty plates; the room is untidy.

Eliot: [moaning] Dad, when are the pancakes going to be ready?
Suzie: Yeah, when? I'm hungry!
Jeremy: C'mon kids, be patient! You're about to witness the birth of an amazing invention!
Suzie: Ugh, all you're doing is making pancakes.
Jeremy: Ha, ha, ha, pancakes? These are square pancakes made in a self-flipping pan and... I'm the first person in the world to have invented it! [kisses machine, turns it on, and pancake gets stuck to ceiling]
Eliot and Suzie: Oh, no dad!
Isabelle: Its me! [enters living room] I'm home! [gasps] What's all this mess?
Jeremy: [worried] Ah, darling! Nothing to worry about! There is a tiny bit of a mess, but this is a giant step for mankind!
Isabelle: Oh, yes, but mankind isn't arriving in five minutes. But Zoe's coming over with her fiancé.
Eliot: [excited] Zoe? My cousin?
Isabelle: They're getting married tomorrow, and I'm the one marrying them!
Eliot: [disappointed] Zoe's gonna get married tomorrow?
Isabelle: Yes, and I can hardly wait to meet Jeffery, they're going to stay over tonight.
Jeremy: I can't believe it, that's great!
Isabelle: Here they are!

They all exit the house to meet Zoe and Jeffery.

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