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Friends MimiEliot
Family Unknown
Enemies Max
Eye Light Brown
Hair Brown
Age 6
First Wedding Impossible
Last Life Without Mimi
This is too much!
This is too much!


Kaytoo (french: Kétou) is a primary character in Eliot Kid. He often plays with Mimi and Eliot.


Not much is known about his family, as none were ever seen in the series. He does mention them every now and then, though. The only other information that is available is that they live across the street from Eliot.

School Life

Kaytoo is a member the primary school of the city, and seems to only have one teacher. He, as well as Eliot and Mimi, have Max as a common enemy. He is often in a curious state, but appears passive.


  • He is African-Canadian.
  • He is the only friend of Eliot that never had his parents seen on the show.

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