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This forum will only allow wiki-related content and discussions.
Persons who violate this law are subject to ban time.

Here are guidelines that must be abided by if one decides to edit here.


General Infractions

Most laws that are broken by anyone will be subject to varying degrees of ban time from the wiki. Here is a general chart distinguishing common infractions with designated ban times.

Infraction Chart

Infraction Degree Ban Time


1 day; Warning (Admin discretion)


1 week


1 month



Specific Infractions

Any rule that does not follow the general chart will specify its ban time.

Inappropriate/Unrelated Content

Unrelated Content

Unrelated content is allowed strictly on talk pages, profiles, blogs and on indicated forums. Refer to the infraction chart for distinguished ban times.

Forums/Profile Pages

While it is generally recommended that forums have discussions related to the wiki, it is not required. Any administrator-built forum will indicate whether free discussions beyond the wiki is allowed, but, by default, forums are a free-roam space. Any unrelated content found anywhere beyond forums and profile pages will be removed and the culprit banned.

Hateful Content

Anyone who disgraces Eliot Kid will be banned indefinitely. There is no space on this wiki for hateful nonsense.


Racist comments and conversations are strictly prohibited. Users involved will recieve a 3rd degree ban time.

Edit Wars

Seriously, if two users disagree on something, bring it up to an admin together. Don't start a back and forth thing.


Any user who segregates other users based on sex, race, hobbies, and/or other wikis they edit will recieve a 1st degree ban. Any further infraction of this ordinance will recieve a 4th degree infraction.

Inappropriate Content

Any inappropriate content put on the wiki will immediately be removed, and the user punished in varying degrees, dependent on the content.


Any user that uploads pornographic images, writings, sound clips, or videos to the wiki will immediately be banned indefinitely from the wiki.

Low Resolution Images

It is strongly encouraged that any wiki contributor has a high standard for the resolution of images they upload on the wiki. Please, only upload pictures with a resolution of at least 720p. If there is a problem maintaining this rule, simply notify an admin, and they will be able to help you.

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