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Eliot Kid is eleven years of age. He's very caring friend along with Mimi and Kaytoo. In an episode, he discovered that he was Mimi's secret admier himself. Eliot has had a crush on a girl called Loretta and there's

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another guy called Max who likes her.

They both hit on her making them bad rivals but Max's problem was to steal Loretta away from Eliot. Loretta is a bad influence at times because Eliot liked her and she took advantage of and used him for the school project partly she was showing off and boasting even though Eliot doesn't see her like that she won't understand. He now hates her. Eliot and Kaytoo have been friends for life and it's the fact that they have known eachother since nursrey.


Eliot is the   smallet  sibling out of his family, and he has a cute  big sister which her appearance kinda looks like with Loretta.

Eliot's Appearance:

His Original Appearence is he had brown hair,big bulging green eyes and his orange stripe shirt and purple pants.

Now Eliot's appearence is brown hair big bulging blue eyes and is often seen throughout the series wearing an dull green t-shirt with bage shorts.

Relationships Edit

Loretta is a girl that Eliot has a crush on, much to Mimi's dismay. Mimi has a huge crush on him, but Eliot is oblivious of this.

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